Yoga is synchronized movement with the breath. Yoga practice engages body and mind. It is both relaxing and strengthening. Through yoga you grow in whole body awareness and appreciation. You connect with the life force inside you and use it to motivate you. Yoga transforms your perception of yourself. You view yourself as a whole from within rather than from your segmented outward appearance. 

Services Available:

Private Session: You learn breathing techniques and foundational postures for designing your personal practice or to build upon your existing practice. Sessions are interactive and individualized.

Corporate Class: Employees are given the opportunity at work to flow through a guided 30-40 min. class.


Mindful Play. Ubiquitous Threads.

Many inputs fill kids' days. Some of these potentially extinguishing or misdirecting their creativity, curiosity, and passion for discovery. They can loose a sense of connection to the natural world around them and and a desire for connecting with others in meaningful ways.  M.PUTS classes are designed to encourage kids to make positive connections with their self and our world. 

I will soon have available below classes I have previously offered which I can most happily modify to fit specific needs or interests! Email or message me if you are interested in offering a class or camp for kids.