Recalibrate Stress

Energy = Mass x Acceleration

Albert Einstein “formulad” an observation and quantified energy. He gave energy a number.

Energy as a number is deeply embedded into our tool box of maintaining wellness. For example, we look at how many calories, carbohydrates, fats, sugar, and salt are in our food. Food is energy. However if we are looking at the numbers I doubt we are thinking about energy but rather our own personal health goals to have a certain body image or maintain a certain diet.

Energy is what is required of our body to function well: allow us to perceive clearly, move freely, think sharply. Energy allows us to rest well and is restorative.

How often do we think about the food we eat giving us energy in this way?

Energy also comes from rest.

If our body/brain knows we will end our day at a certain time and rise at a certain time energy is retained because our body doesn’t stress over when rest will occur.

The same is true of our meals. If we are able to feed our body nutritious food at a similar time each day.

The relationship between stress and energy is a bit opaque but viewed in a non-traditional light, can help you reach your wellness goals.

Just as our body’s energetic response to excitement and anxiety are similar, so are the sensations of both stress and energy when considering our body’s signals of alertness.

When we feel energy, our body is alert and ready to respond or act. When we feel stress, our body is also alert and ready to respond or act.

However, much of the time we associate stress signals with fatigue and not energy.

The missing piece in moving from feeling fatigued by stress to using it as a catalyst for rising to a challenge is practice.

Practice is making the right choice for yourself at the right time. That choice bringing peace in mind and body.

Practice can begin with bringing awareness to the present moment and observing your state of mind, sensations in your body, your environment, and your actions. Simply taking a breath and feeling the sensations of your respiration can reset your nervous system and allow you to take the best possible action.

Through practice knowing how to choose the right things for ourself, we gain confidence in knowing what tools to use in situations of stress.

Our confidence then transforms our debilitating idea of stress into an opportunity to grow and we are filled with positive peaceful cleansing energy.

Julie Barrier