Space Hang Time

Space as hang time.

Apex of an inhale.


Don’t take.



     How do you find space? Before answering this broad question, consider that more space than matter exists. The question now becomes ironically comical and fascinating that we want to ‘find space’ in our body, in our day, in our house,  in our world when it is more abundant than cells or atoms.

Space is not a void or emptiness. The blades of a rotating fan take up space in a way that allows us to visualize the solid appearance of an empty space full of waves and vibrations.

Aparigraha is the Sanskrit word for non-possessiveness and it translates ‘don’t take all around.’

Though branding could be an anchor through self discovery, holding onto images of our self is captivating, takes up space. However, is it  likely that we create equally as many ideas and sensations to hold onto as our society advertises and suggests for us to physically have?

In meditation, our vantage point is the space between what we have and hold, the hang time space an acrobat experiences between letting go of one high bar swing and clinging to another. An apex of an action. A lifting pause.

Furthermore, our breath is an ebenezer to the transience of our emotions and mental qualities just as the saying, “You can’t step in the same water twice” is of our experiences.

Clinging is malignant to the natural healthy unfolding of our lives. The relationship between what we choose and what we allow to unfold is co-operative.  We can metaphorically distance our self from addictions to any variety of nouns: people, places, things, ideas by non-judgementably reflecting on the behaviors or actions we maintenance.

We all experience the cyclical Lord Licorice PTSD pause: Our experiences are part of us, even if they are not traumatic. We  continually travel in psychological time moving mentally from past to present to future.  Through the practice of yoga, we experience a space from which we know we have an essence beyond our mental and physical attachments.

We can then welcome opportunities or ideas that physically distance us from their influence.

When we see our own unfolding process, we trust life’s timing.

Suggestions to Consider:

* When we move and decision from this space of clarity we grow. Add practices in your day, such as yoga and medication, that nourish a growing awareness of how you relate to yourself, others, and the world. Meditation strengthens our ability to sit in the present moment. Like we are sweeping away our thoughts toward the past and future, sitting in the space of what is. Functionally, yoga allows your system the freedom to respond to what you are doing appropriately.

* In Uddiyana bandha, translated “flying up,” you experience a lifting sensation when you direction the flow of energy in your body at your abdomen. Imagine the movement as a fan’s blades revolving at your abdomen, upward toward your diaphragm then down the back of your lumbar spine. Inhale as you draw your navel in and up. Tilt your pelvis back to tuck your tailbone down. Exhale. Then hallow the belly with a false inhale and hold. Exhale.

* Make a shopping list and stick to it: If you are making a recipe and don’t have an ingredient consider a substitution you do have on hand.

* “Clutter in our minds blocks our freedom to expand” – Deborah Adele

* All things we perceive undergo changes as time goes by even if we do nothing.