REM Mastered


Go Deep.

Sleep Stretch Create.



The creative brain has the ability to go deep into many things. A sewing shop is therefore a playground. Wake rapid eye movements!

The artistic expression ends at some point in the creative process. The question. Where does the movement of the garment take the eyes?

In this project, a stole for an interfaith minister and teacher (See picture below), the artistic expression ended with the lastly pieced stars taking the eyes everywhere.

Eye movements in waking sleep, REM, distinguish this stage from other stages of sleep. REM sleep is also a playground where “we are our most intelligent, insightful, creative, and free.” Proteins synthesize. Moods balance and memories weave together.

In yoga practice, you train your eyes to drishti. In Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2), gaze past your middle finger. In Savasana, gaze within. Eye movements between the external and internal.

We have the ability go deep. Deep into ourselves. Detailing our craft.

Beethoven said, “don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” Ahimsa, non-violence at it’s finest expression.

In our world we are challenged to focus. Blue lights, memes, conflicting priorities compete for our attention.

But we can  intention ourselves master designers. Using our daily experiences to sharpen our tools for our unique mind, body, spirit expression of nature. Our tools are our senses through which we perceive the outside world.

In Ayurveda, our Karmendryas are our  action responses to our sensory inputs. Interestingly, karmendriyas associated with vision are our feet!  With our eyes we see expressions of light and matter. With our feet we are mobile and take actions toward our vision.

Linking the connection between our eyes and our mobility is like an artist dipping the paintbrush into the paint.

Pause. Wake rapid eye movements.

What will you create?

Design Well.


Having focus requires growing focus. Practice.

-Meditate on a candle flame or yantra.

-Use drishtis in your yoga practice.

-Practice the Complete Breath.

-Set a Morning intention for your day.

-Process your day alone without distractions before bed.

And just for pun trivia (yes, pun) sing with me..."Come on, Come on, No-one can see you try..."