Clear Perception


Clear Perception

Opposites Trending


Our senses are the portals through which we experience the world.  We keep our sensory channels clear and cared for to limit misperception. For practical example, if our eyes are itchy and dry, this irritation influences our body and mind, not only visually but also how we experience our day. Ayurveda is a science of subtleties.

We are taught that we have five sense channels along with intuition but our entire body is a sensory system. Each cell has an intelligence, called Tejas, that influences our experiences and responses to our environment.

When we begin to connect with ourself and nature there is a shift in consciousness, a movement from responding to what happens to knowing what we need. This is vitality because we are directly engaged in our wellness.

Opposites endlessly balance both within and around us both energetically and physical: yin and yang (pronounced to rhyme with ‘long’), El Niño and La Niña, day and night, microcosm and microcosm, and within relationships. These are only a few examples.

When our body’s natural inclination is to balance through opposites we are in a state of wellness.

Prajnaparadha is  when we ignore or become unaware of our body and nature’s balancing oscillations.  

When we compromise our cellular intelligence it  is the beginning of discomfort both within us and among us.  

Interestingly, our attention shifts during the longer days of darkness toward objects, people, and celebrations of light.

We balance opposites within us and among us, psychologically and socially, cellularly and cosmically. And there is within these balancing motions a stillness for discernment and wisdom.

Allow the season’s dark and cool to bring new awareness to areas where light and warmth are needed and trust your inclinations toward that which brings you clarity and peace.


*How do you use your senses? How do you nurture your senses? Do you have too much or too little sensory inputs? Are you a witness to violence or acts of hate and you need to release these impressions? What is the qualities of the sounds you hear throughout your day?  How do you speak to others? How do you use your voice?

*Try taking Brahmi for nerve balance and mental clarity and Nasya Oil Drops to protect the nasal mucosal membranes. Contact me for a free sample of Triphala eye wash if you are local or to purchase an essential oil roller customized to balance you.

*Practice Nadi Shodhana or Nerve Vitalizing Pranayama (Stand with a strait spine. Inhale and exhale a full breath. Extend the arms straight in front of you but relaxed. On an inhale, slowly draw the elbows in toward your side as you make a fist. This is a gradual squeezing of tension. Keeping the hands clenched and tension in your arms, retain the breath while you push the fists out slowly from your side several times. Exhale through the mouth and take one more deep breath. **Do this once and notice how you feel. Do not do any breath retaining pranayama if you have hypertension or experience dizziness.)

*Balance qualities in your body through your diet and self care. Eat warm leafy greens and massage your skin with sesame oil. Add warming spices of cinnamon and ginger to your breakfast or tea. Contact me to design a balancing regimen to nurture your senses!

*Barbra Brown Taylor in her NPR interview describes the metaphorical darkness in our life as opportunities for discovery and renewal.  “ I have to rely on senses, including intuition, and friendship, and a lot of things I don’t use as much in the light because I feel capable and speedy in the light. But darkness slows me down and disarms…And if I can take a breath, may also have treasures for me that my speedy daylight life doesn’t have... So if I learn anything from the rhythms of the natural world, and the rhythms of my own life, I learn that darkness is part of every life. And that there’s no way to defend myself against it, but there are ways of turning toward, or turning away, learning to stay in the presence a little longer, being curious about what there may be for me when I lose my illusions of omnipotence and control..” Although speaking spiritually, her insights are interesting to juxtapose with the Ayurvedic understanding of cellular intelligence.  

*The textile art I made during a snow storm. Thinking tropical fish!