Requires Release.

Non-attachment to ideas or beliefs.

Just for a season




We are adaptable. Our physiology is fluid. The totality of our body system functions are formed from responses to our environment from conception into adulthood. We are truly living beings! We are not set and solid with hardwire.

On both a physical and energetic level our bodies are always adjusting because change and movement are constant.  So it is a natural response to cling, rather to a habit, routine, belief, or idea especially if we are satisfied with our current sense of well-being.  

We are entering the final trimester of fall, so to speak, and nature continues to encourage us to release, expose, and make our core visible.  Our core is the seat of our higher intelligence, our heart-mind present in every cell. Interestingly, we cover our chest and head to maintain warmth.

This exposure is an energetic opportunity to let go of our attachments for the purpose of evaluating their influence as well as for strengthening our immunity. This does not mean that we abandon our routines, social indoctrinations, or concepts of order, but that we are fully open to healing.

Suggestions to consider:

-The ancients as well as modern innovative medicine recognizes the body’s tendency to physically cling to experiences by holding contractions, tensions. The root chakra of our energetic body, the adrenals of our endocrine system, are areas associated with our physical experience, survival, abandonment, security or loss of home or family, comfort, support, and loyalty. Bring movement to this area by gently massaging your back or rolling side to side in happy baby pose. Add sun flower movements or goddess squats to your yoga flow.

-Take a minute to practice self reiki by placing your hands on your lower back, closing your eyes, and calmly breathing into this space around your adrenals.

-Sadhaka Pitta is our heart-mind. Brainstorm ideas for creative expression during the darker hours of winter that bring warmth and a positive sense of well-being. Consider making gifts for loved ones.

-Use warming spices in your meal, like ginger and consider adding it to your bath.

-Favor sweet tastes, from food to experiences.

-Read more about neuroplasticity and making positive connections. Follow the hyperlink.