Ayurveda is an art of wholistic healing.

Ayurveda is life knowledge. It is one of the oldest systems of medicine, where health and vitality are a derivative of maintaining balance within the mind, body, senses, consciousness (spirit), and environment.

Unlike treatment focused medical modalities, where illness and disease are isolated and treated. Healthy, in Ayurveda, is an individual's ability to use diet, lifestyle, rejuvenation, cleansing, and medicinal herbs to create a harmonious mind, body, spirit, and consciousness. 

Ayurveda is wellness you design to balance your health needs. Ayurveda is individually designed wellness that allows your body to metabolize optimally which strengthens your immunity and vitality.

Services Available

Individual Program-Through this compassionate guided program, you learn and design integrative approaches that support your body's natural capacity to heal and rejuvenate mind/body potentially reversing acute and chronic imbalances. We will have an initial consultation where you evaluate your current wellness needs and schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss my evaluation and suggestions for designing your wellness plan. Each session is one hour. I am available throughout your progression as questions arise. Follow up consultations are suggested during seasonal changes when both nature and body are finding new balances.

Group Class- Group classes are available twice a year for a six week study. Space is limited to 6 and open to anyone committed to following their individual  wellness design in a supportive environment. Meetings are once a week for two hours and includes yoga.